LiDRS Consultancy

Make your organization ready for the future

You want to grow your organization – both in terms of size and in  its stage in the life cycle. It is clear that you need good leaders. Because whether your organization is hierarchical, flat or organized in a network, a good leader ensures that everyone is motivated to work and commit themselves to the organization with a big smile. connect real leaders, motivate, inspire and ensure that the team is more capable than himself ever imagined.  

LiDRS: success guaranteed!

LiDRS helps you grow your organization and your people to take strides in the development of leaders, managers, management, communication and infrastructure. With our expertise all facets of leadership within your organization improve. Make sure you’re ready for a great future! With the LiDRS Leadership Scan, you will quickly gain a good understanding of the level of leadership within your organization. We don’t only focus on the management and the people in leadership positions. We go beyond that.  

The LiDRS Leadership Scan

Depending on your needs, we examine the organization in terms of individual leadership, team dynamics and control (governance). In addition to the formal and informal organization, we also look at cultural aspects, organizational structures, interactions, KPIs and leadership styles. The leadership scan provides you with a detailed report that you can consult as a source of reference. In our final presentation we will provide you with an overview of the main findings. And obviously we do not stop there: until long after our leadership scan, we are at your disposal to discuss the implementation of the proposals for improvement. Want to know more about how the LiDRS leadership scan can bring your organization to the next level? Please contact us via our form, send an email to info@lidrs.nl or call us at +3185-4018368.