LiDRS in the spotlight

Who we are

LiDRS BV is a full-service training and consultancy agency based in the Netherlands. With a new inspiring location, next to Schiphol airport and just a few minutes walk from Hoofddorp Central Station, LiDRS delivers high-end leadership trainings, coaching and consultancy services.

LiDRS is an abbreviation of Leadership Development Research and Support. The ‘I’ stands for ‘innovation’ and inspiration. LiDRS started in 2014 after Jochen Hekker’s book ‘Leading up, down and across’ was published. Together with business partner ‘Bastiaan Ruizeveld de Winter’, they started to develop trainings and consultancy services based on their knowledge, experience and believes. Both founders have a strong military background as a submarine commanding officer and EOD diver. Their multiple missions to high risk environments created their thoughts and believes what leadership is all about. And that is not per se the top down, hierarchical leadership one might think of when looking at their military background. On the contrary! Leaders should be focusing on team improvement and ensuring all members get better every day!

Psychological ownership

Later this year, Jochen’s new book will be published, focusing on increasing psychological ownership by your leadership. Several aspects of leadership are needed to ensure people take ownership in a company. Ownership on their job, tasks, results, etc. In almost every consultancy or training assignment that LiDRS sees, leaders and managers struggle to increase ownership with their people. With this latest book, a new approach to ownership has finally been written down. Simple steps to really increase the level of ownership in any organization, backed by a useful reference guide. The book’s subtitle is going to be ‘how to increase your company’s performance in only 4 phases’. And that basically says it all.

LiDRS Consultancy

LiDRS Consultancy created a unique program to deliver performance improvement in any organization. Their current focus is on High Reliabiltity Organizations (HRO), while working for the process industry, Oil and Gas Industry and Healthcare. But Real Estate and banking are also their cup of tea, just to name a few.

LiDRS Performance Program mainly focusses on 2 elements; 1. Structure and frameworks and 2. Human factors. Depending on the need of the customer, LiDRS puts the emphasizes where needed.

Structure and frameworks

Structure and frameworks helps your employees to understand the organization. How they should work, what is needed. It gives them a guideline in order to excel on other issues. As soon as people struggle with their needs and guidance, they fall into a mode of ‘I don’t care’. We’ve seen this in many companies that have grown too fast, like in scale-ups, merges and take overs. As soon as we have structures and frameworks in place, employees feel relieved. There’s guidance, they know what is expected and they understand their work better. Needless to say this emphasizes motivation and is a strong basis for improving human factors.

Human Factors

In the end, it all comes down to the people that work with and for you. They make the difference. If you treat them well, if they understand their work and if they are motivated, then you have the potential to build great leaders and effective teams. We teach, we mentor, we coach and we train. Not from a distance, but close to the team. We observe, we monitor, we guide and we give feedback. We even take over if that is needed to save your business. Based on our experience with Crew Resource Management, Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Ownership and Operational Excellence, we have a strong ground and the best team to support your challenges. But more importantly, we have been and still are leaders ourselves. In order to really improve leadership and operational performance, you have to know the ropes. It’s not good enough to have it all from the books. You need to feel and understand the concerns of a leader. You have to be the entrepreneur yourself. That’s what we bring to the table.

LiDRS Academy

LIDRS academy focusses on training young and experienced managers and leaders to increase their potential as a leader. We have unique trainings, Master classes and workshops to ensure leadership and team development. We welcome teams and individuals at our inspiring location but we are happy to travel to your location and conduct ‘on premises’ training. From a 1-day Masterclass to a 6-day Practitioner and 3-day Master course. An initial CRM training to understand what teamwork is all about, to a full week of CRM training in order to create more effective teams. We have innovative workshops for public speaking, we train teams on a boat through the canals of Amsterdam and we have a workshop ‘explosive leadership’ where you and your team will be challenged to be a bomb disposal unit and clear a ‘reallife’ bomb. All necessary aspects of leadership and communication will be tested.

LiDRS Coaching

We are able to put ourselves in your organization and help with performance improvement. We can train elements of CRM, leadership development and team effectiveness. But in the end, leaders can struggle with multiple topics that they just want someone to help them with. Someone who listens, challenges and is a sparring partner for you. That’s what LiDRS Coaching does. Our highly experienced and certified coaches, understand your concerns and look for ways to straighten your thoughts. Sometimes we only ask questions, in other cases we think along and bring in new solutions. It all depends on your needs. We built trust and are there for you. Just for you!

That’s who we are. Experienced, passionate and down-to-earth people that are doing their very best to help you to perform better. But above all, we are eager to get to know you, learn your business and look for ways to improve. We would like to invite you for a cup of coffee without any strings attached. What do we have to lose? It’s going to be a win-win, that’s a certainty!

Feel free to get in touch by email (info@lidrs.nl) or just give us a call at +31 (0) 85 401 83 68

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