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Interim management and project management

There are many interim managers and project managers available. But how do you get the best of the best? The one. that understands your challenges, works with the right ethos and takes psychological ownership of your success? That’s where we come into play. We guarantee success and are happy to put our name at stake. We are in this together!

Credible consultants

Any consultant, trainer, coach or interim manager needs to understand the business, willing to learn and get into it with passion and a strong believe. Nothing is more disappointing than an interim manager with ‘long ago’ experience or someone who does not know what entrepreneurship is about or someone who has never led before. We ensure our consultants and interim manager are on top of things. Eager, trustworthy full of experience and energetic, ready to support your success.

Together with you we define the need and establish goals. We match our best interim managers en ensure he or she knows what to do. What we promise, we deliver. Anywhere in the world, at anytime. For 1 month or 2 years, our approach is always the same. Do what it takes and ensure success.

LiDRS Interim Management

Interim management

Each project, assignment and every customer is unique. We start by listening to your needs and challenges. Needless to say we’ll ask difficult questions. But this will help us define the problem and ensure a better result. In general we use a few standard steps before we start the assignment.

  1. Co-creation and formulation of the assignment. Not just by your (interim) manager, but the entire LiDRS team will be involved to ensure the best possible and clear assignment and deliverables.
  2. Start assignment interim manager. This starting phase might tweak the assignment, in close cooperation with you.
  3. Midterm evaluation. Half way during our assignment we discuss progress, challenges, and possible low hanging fruit to have an even better endstate or result.
  4. Closing the assignment. We. measure our success by the predefined targets that have been mutually agreed.
  5. Evaluation. Every assignment ends with a business presentation and agreed deliverables.

With our experienced managers from multiple industries, we guarantee our managers fit in your organization. For more information on our rates,  background or reviews, don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@liDRS.nl or give us a call on +31 (0)85-4018368.

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