Become a LiDRS trainer yourself

LiDRS offers you the unique opportunity to be a leadership trainer or consultant. Thanks to an innovative open source training offer, you can work as a trainer yourself soon. Whether you have the ambition to get started as a trainer or if you would like to do more in the organization you work in. Perhaps you are a trainer already and you want to expand your offerings. LiDRS has a unique offer: to be LiDRS trainer.

Get started

After completing the “LiDRS Practitioner Program” you can follow the 3-day “LiDRS Master Program”. After completing this course, you can get yourself registered as a LiDRS trainer and you can start right away.

The LiDRS offer

As a LiDRS trainer you have unlimited access to all functionalities of the LiDRS model.

Not only as a coaching training tool, but also to enhance your own leadership skills and those of others. You also get access to all the methods, programs and resources to make your training a success. You can use the LiDRS logo, and you may call yourself a ‘LiDRS Certified Trainer’.

But there’s more. Because our role goes beyond coaching. LiDRS supports you in your trainings. If you have questions you cannot answer directly, or if you run into other training problems – we are here for you. LiDRS answers all your questions, six days a week.

As a LiDRS trainer you can also use our LiDRS trainer pool. Do you land a  big client for your coaching practice? Then it’s good to know that LiDRS is there for you. We will help you to temporarily boost your coaching capacity.

Summary of the advantages:

  • Use of the LiDRS logo for your website and during training
  • Use of the training modules and teaching methods
  • Unlimited access to the online model and all associated applications
  • Support for all your training questions 6 days a week
  • Use of the LiDRS trainers
  • Trainer exchange based on “Quid pro quo”
  • Participation in peer sessions and in networking days
  • Ability to grow into advanced and expert trainer levels

Wait no longer. Sign up today and become a certified LiDRS trainer!