Performance Improvement Program

LiDRS Performance Improvement Program

Together with our experienced leaders, managers, consultants and coaches, we ensure your challenges will be our success! 

Our well known performance improvement program helps organizations to improve results! We design a tailor made program just for you, based on structure frameworks and human factors. Frameworks for clear and understandable business processes and management information. But we also challenge and improve skills, knowledge and especially attitude of your employees. Our aim is to lift your organization to the next level.


The program

Together with you we first start creating a scope. What is the endstate and how does succes look like? We use 2 elements; 1. standardization and frameworks, 2. Human factors.

Performance Improvement


Every assignment starts with a clear reference model. Both for processes and for behavior. Think about standardization of meetings, process models, RACIs, or job descriptions. The reference model for behavior depends on the need of the organization. Where’s the challenge. Often we see that communication, speak-up culture, psychological ownership, discipline are elements that need attention. Together with you we create, draw and implement a (new) standard. The next step is to implement this standard by coaching and mentoring on all levels. We continu where other stop!

By our intensive cooperation with LiDRS Academy, we can embed short trainings, individual coaching and teamcoaching to ensure a sustainable solution. Our unique element in this Performance Improvement Program is the utilization of many ‘Crew Resource Management’ aspects coming from High Reliability Organizations and our experience with team and organizational performance improvement.

LiDRS Consultancy

Ownership and teamwork

In almost every assignment we experience that psychological ownership and teamwork are one of the key’s to success for a successful and sustainable program. Our vision and many publications on this will be used and incorporated in the program.

Measure succes

Using our unique software tool (SaaS solution), we measure our success and are happy to use this as a result measurement of our performance. Our software tool measures the growth in leadership development, but also the success of our program. We are unique and innovative in the consultancy business. We are entrepreneurs and we work for you!


Performance improvement in High Reliability Organizations

LiDRS Consultancy also has tailormade programs for High Reliability Organisaties. Read more here . We are a full service consultancy agency and we deliver as promised. And that is something we are proud of.

Performance Improvement in High Reliability Organizations


More information

Would you like to know more about our LiDRS Performance Improvement Program? Are you interested in our success stories and previous experiences? Feel free to get in touch or download our consultancy brochure. For more information about tariffs, background or reviews, feel free to contact us on info@liDRS.nl or give us a call at +31 (0) 85-4018368. We look forward to having a cup of coffee with you and discuss your challenges.

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