Crew Resource Management training

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Crew Resource Management (CRM)

On March 27, 1977 a KLM airplane crashed into a Pan Am on Tenerife. Nowadays this terrible accident is still the largest aircrash involving almost 600 casualties.
Since this accident, many investigations were carried out to improve airline safety. Soon this example was followed by the shipping industry and now we are even training management teams in CRM to increase team effectiveness.

Crew Resource Management Training

For who?
Our Crew Resource Management Training (CRM) was developed by LiDRS for seafarers but has continuously been updated and improved due to many trainings for airline companies, process safety trainings and many other customers.  The current CRM focusses on the effectiveness and efficiency of teams.

What do we do?
In the Crew Resource Management Training we use operational scenario’s and story telling to find the root cause of underperforming teams. Together with your team we develop skills on topics such as; communication, teamwork, resilience, stress behaviour, groupthink, safety management, public speaking and many others.

We have a flexible CRM training with many add-on learning modules. From a short day introduction to a full 5-day training, are all possibilities. 

CRM is also the basis voor sustainable leadership development and change. Our consultants are ready to support your CRM implementation on the spot. A combination of training, coaching and mentoring on the job. This will change your focus on leadership and the mindset of your human capital.

Now what?
Time for change! Get to know our CMR training. We garantuee success!
For more information, please contact us at:  info@lidrs.nl.


Crew Resource Management training

If you are unable to attend, you can be replaced free of charge by a colleague. The cancellation fee up to 3 weeks in advance, is 15% of the participation fee. Canceling after this 3 weeks you pay the full fee.