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Master class

The Leadership Master class provides a brief overview of existing leadership theories, the good and bad aspects and how to apply these theories as a leader. The goal of the Leadership Master class is to gain insight into the LiDRS model and its application in real life.
Not only does this allow you to improve as a leader, but you will also learn how to judge others by their leadership.


In this highly interactive and intensive program,  inspirational coaches and experienced leaders will educate you in the essence of leadership. The trainers put their own experience and the LiDRS model to work, to provide insights into leadership and to help you improve your skills.
The objectives of the Master class are:

  • An energetic, entertaining and inspiring day of leadership;
  • Provide the tools to be a better leader;
  • Better understanding to effectively communicate and inspire as a leader;
  • Insight into the use of the LiDRS-model;
  • Expansion of your network.

Additional information

The Leadership Master class is a fully catered day, including extensive lunch and drinks. This Master class can also be given in house your organization. Please contact info@lidrs.nl for more information.



If you are unable to attend, you can be replaced free of charge by a colleague. The cancellation fee up to 3 weeks in advance, is 15% of the participation fee. Canceling after this 3 weeks you pay the full fee.