About us

LiDRS was established because of a passion for leadership. Our extensive practical experience led us to conclude that existing theories often do not  work in real life. Plenty of books have been written on the subject and there are dozens of models available.  However, what is often lacking are practical tips and handy tools to help you to develop yourself as a leader.

Also, we see a trend to view leadership as servant, authoritarian or authentic. This is detrimental to what is the actual key in leadership: your capacity as a leader, to change your style of leadership instantly.

We bring theory and practice together based on our own ideas, experiences and knowledge. Comprising a book, a model and training courses, LiDRS is a total concept. We are a no-nonsense organization focusing on and advocating personal attention, enjoyment and guaranteed development of leadership qualities.

The people behind LiDRS

  • Jochen Hekker

    Founder & Owner

    With an operational background and extensive international experience Jochen is the enthusiastic consultant, trainer and coach who can talk passionately about the essence of leadership. He will take you along to his time as a diving officer of the Royal Navy and on missions in Afghanistan and provides plenty of inspiring examples of his duties as an operations manager, business engineer and strategic advisor. Good leadership can not only be learned in real life, but also from the inspiring trainings by Jochen.

  • Bastiaan Ruizeveld de Winter

    Founder & Owner

    Good leadership is all about adapting quickly to changing situations. Bastiaan can explain all about it - as a former submarine commander he knows what it is like to carry a big responsibility in stressful situations. And trust us: the leadership qualities of a commander look very much like those of the HR manager... How? Bastian will explain it to you! In his enthusiastic and inspiring way he will share his lessons learned.

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  • Will Meurer


    Ask Will about good leadership and the ability to change and the true coach in himself will reveal itself. He lets you see your own potential and formulate clear goals together, to help you on your way to better leadership. Barriers are removed to enable the pursuit of personal effectiveness and professional competence. Will not hesitate also to keep a confrontational mirror thanks to its (international) experience in various leadership roles in the Royal Navy. The goal? To become a better leader of course.

  • Mireille van den Akker


    Many organizations are faced with change and reorganization processes. Mireille will teach you how to give better guidance in such processes. Her business background and operational experience as an officer and auditor in Afghanistan, enables her to help you connect the dots. Enthusiasm and inspiration are key.

  • Marc Heijdendael


    Marc is a trainer, coach and partner at LiDRS, but he also works as a project coordinator. In this capacity he achieves goals, together with project managers, for the creation of temporary facilities in the (chemical) industry. A responsible and involving task, because he must always take into account the needs and time constraints of third parties. This is no problem for a cheerful personality as Marc! With his analytical and organizational abilities he brings the project to a successful end. He will teach you these skills in his training.

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  • About us