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Everyone possesses the characteristics of a good leader. Learn to recognize them, develop and deploy them with Jochen Hekker’s LiDRS model. The first part of “Leading up, down and across” contains amusing anecdotes from Hekker’s time in the Royal Navy. These stories are examples of good and bad leadership. Read about wooden window carpentry underwater, a hierarchical Spanish chef and how a naval officer ends up in the Afghan desert. Hekker’s brief analyses of each story connects these examples to leadership outside the military as well. The second part of the book lays out the LiDRS model. In easily understandable language, Hekker lays a foundation for an individual to develop their own style of leadership, using key leadership features and building blocks. The online version of the model allows readers to test their own skills as a leader and decide where to make adjustments in a given situation. This allows readers to actively direct to the way in which they lead, while also providing an opportunity to learn from others.

In addition to compelling stories and the leadership model, Hekker offers many practical tips to help you as a leader. “Leading up, down and across” provides tools for leaders at all levels to help them find the leadership attributes that are best for them and their situation. This makes “Leading up, down and across” an indispensable resource for the ambitious leader!

“The members are not to request me, merely to order me and if I were ordered to carry the nation’s flag on but a single vessel, I will sail out to sea and there, entrusted with the members’ flag, I shall risk life and limb” – Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter, 17th Century Dutch Admiral (24 March 1607 – 29 April 1676) 

‘A practical guide to the fundamentals of effective leadership as well as an intriguing peek into Dutch military life.’ – Kirkus Reviews


As co-founder of LiDRS and as Operations Manager in the Oil and Gas industry, Hekker is able to share his passion for leadership. During his navy career he has experienced leadership under different circumstances. Being a navy diving officer and working with explosives on the bottom of the ocean, talking to diplomats in Afghanistan, working as an Expat abroad or managing a business unit in the Netherlands, they all require a different leadership approach. Hekker believes that everybody can be a leader. You just have to be aware of the variables that dictate your leadership approach. Hekker (1975, The Netherlands) holds a Master degree in Business Engineering and Management Science and has an Executive Master Internal Auditing. He has an administrative, strategic and operational background and extensive international experience.

  • Jochen Hekker

    Founder & Owner

    With an operational background and extensive international experience Jochen is the enthusiastic consultant, trainer and coach who can talk passionately about the essence of leadership. He will take you along to his time as a diving officer of the Royal Navy and on missions in Afghanistan and provides plenty of inspiring examples of his duties as an operations manager, business engineer and strategic advisor. Good leadership can not only be learned in real life, but also from the inspiring trainings by Jochen.