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‘Improving organizations by focusing on human capital and organizational structure and frameworks’


LiDRS consultancy is a ‘full-service’ consultancy agency specialized in performance and teamimprovement, operational excellence, cost reductions, restructuring, training and coaching. We are proud of our operational DNA and a strategic mindset. LiDRS consultancy has experienced consultants and interim managers, inspiring trainers and coaches, that will help you find the best solution for your business challenges.

We utilize and optimize current human capital and bring standardization for guaranteed and sustainable success.

We listen, advise, think along, improve, adjust, surprise but above all, we think on your behalf!  Not just for now, but for success in the long run.

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Our solutions

LiDRS Consultancy works for several major companies across Europe. In the past years we have successfully worked together with our trusted customers on great projects. We are delighted to get in contact with our (former) customers and share ideas and see how we ensure success. Some of our recent experiences are:

  • Performance improvement (human factor and restructuring)
  • Leadership development
  • Teamperformance en Crew Resource Management
  • Change management
  • Project implementation
  • Operational Excellence initiatives
  • Restructuring and reorganizations
  • Cost reduction Programs
  • Strategy development

 Do you have a different need? Let’s find out how we can support you!


Why us?

LiDRS Consultancy works since 2014 in several different businesses on the best and most desirable solutions. From High Reliability Organizations such as the proces industry or offshore industry, to real estate and financial industry.  We love a challenge, in Amsterdam, Europe and beyond! From Alaska to Australia and from the US to Russia.

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What makes us your unique partner?

  • Internationally experienced consultants, leaders and managers with knowledge and experience
  • We work together with your people
  • We know your business but we are eager to get to know this even better
  • In a suit or coverall with helmet and safety shoes. Whatever it takes
  • We measure and guarantee success
  • We choose for the best, but simple solutions that people understand and will use
  • We continue where others stop
  • We aim for putting ourselves out of your business in order for you to do it yourself as soon as possible.


LiDRS Consultancy core values

We have core values to protect what is dear to you. We live by them, every day.

  • Inspire
  • Persistent
  • Integrity
  • Innovative

LiDRS Consultancy

LiDRS Consultancy; a full-service consultancy agency

LiDRS Consultancy is a full service consultancy agency. Would you like to know more about our offerings, portfolio or performance improvement programs? Download our folder or get in touch and we would love to meet you.

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Performance Improvement in High Reliability Organizations (English)


LiDRS Consultancy is the consultancy agency of the future.  Learn more about our programs or get to know our consultants and interim managers. Send an email on info@lidrs.nl or call +31 (0)85-4018638. No obligations, no strings attached. Just a cup of coffee and learning more about eachother’s challenges and solutions.

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