LiDRS Academy

LiDRS helps leaders to develop. Depending on the needs of the customer, we offer a number of training courses and seminars. It is also possible to engage in a discussion, free of obligation, about setting up a tailor-made program. As a partner in leadership, we always come up with the right solution!

LiDRS offers a number of training courses that can be implemented in a flexible way. Should you have any specific requirements, we will gladly discuss these with you, in order to adapt our training to your wishes as much as possible. In the end, everything revolves around developing your leadership!

The LiDRS-academy is the academy for leadership development at any stage of your career. With enthusiastic trainers and leaders, we understand how to move you, to inspire and how to enable growth as a leader. Our four standard courses:

• Leadership Master class (1 day)

• Basic Leadership Training (2 days)

• LiDRS Practitioner Program (6 days)

• LiDRS Master Program (3 days)

We also offer training specifically geared to your needs. An ‘in-house’ tract with our trainers is part of the possibilities. Read more about the possibilities of a tailor-made training.


Become a trainer yourself

LiDRS-academy also offers the opportunity to become a trainer yourself. Work with the team of LiDRS to gain knowledge and skills to enable you to train others by adopting the LiDRS philosophy, model, and more.

Every trainer has completed the LiDRS Practitioner Program and Master Program. View the entire training offer or go to “become a LiDRS trainer yourself“.

Become a LiDRS trainer!

5 recurring elements in the LiDRS trainings

The purpose of each LiDRS  training is to improve your knowledge and leadership effectiveness. All our training programs  include the following elements:

  1. Experiences. Each trainee has unique motivations, experiences and stories in relation to leadership. To gain the best results from a training we zoom in on what makes you unique. Your motivation and background help us to define a unique and customized program.
  2. Expansion of the participant’s reference frame. Where does leadership come from? What can we and what can’t we influence? Why do we think someone is a good leader or not? We must answer these questions together before we can enable your development as a leader
  3. Setup of the right tools. Just theory and stories will not get us far. We want to provide tools to enable leaders to manage themselves and to monitor the use of their unique leadership qualities. One of the tools we use for this is the LiDRS model. An extensive and well thought-out tool that can provide timely support in every situation.
  4. Doing and experiencing. Being a leader should revolve around ‘doing and experiencing’. With targeted teaching methods and exercises we create hands-on activities as much as possible during our interactive courses. We believe participants should feel and experience what we mean. One of the unique resources that we use regularly in our training is the LiDRS sloop. A boat entirely dedicated to educating leaders under difficult circumstances.
  5. Continuous improvement. The learning process does not stop after a training. Eventually we learn to lead by doing it and by reflecting. Our coaches help you to find the right balance in your leadership style. Do you really want to grow as a leader? Then interact with us as a sparring partner and take advantage of our unique coaching packages.