Make sure that you function the best you can, to get the best out of yourself and others. Be a personal embodiment of the team and organizational goals. Communicate clearly and set boundaries. Learn to deal with stress. Find out how you take decisions and what to base them on. Gain insight into your strengths and pitfalls.

In short, map your personal leadership. Learn to be a better leader!

Coaching – new insights, better outcomes

By choosing for LiDRS Coaching you are aiming for a better development of you and/or your team. We do not teach tricks or shortcuts, but we facilitate the  in-depth development of key values.

LiDRS coaching will make you aware of these values, and you will learn to recognize your own pitfalls. In our experience, recognizing own  behavior and its shortcomings, provides the necessary insight. Because in order to function effectively as a leader this understanding is of vital importance.

Through our coaching you gain insights in the way you work, and this translates into new and better ways of working.

 Or: from thought to action and from sensing to doing!

Coaching – the road to professional growth

LiDRS Coaching develops the leader’s freedom of choices, development and behavior. You will acquire self-knowledge, you can develop and learn to control your behavior. In effect you control your personal development and professional growth! LiDRS helps you  to do, based on your own strengths and to work towards personal goals.

Discover your subconscious motives, your preferred strategies and be aware of the energy these provide or costs. This self-knowledge leads to positive changes. It gives you an understanding that allows you to manage the way you handle yourself, your environment and deal with setbacks.

Coaching – important for leaders

Good leaders need feedback. Objective feedback can help you out. After all, leadership starts with directing yourself before you can lead others.

If you would you like to become a better expert in leadership, so you can start to  ‘lead change’? The development of you as a leader is put central – we coach you on your path of personal leadership to ‘leading chance’. The coaches of LiDRS hold up a mirror to challenge you, make you think, motivate you to look for alternatives and give you the final push in the right direction.

Coaching – the personal touch of LiDRS

LiDRS offers several attractive coaching packages. We believe there should be  good match between a coach and a coachee. We always recommend to attend an introductory session to see if  there is a match. With several experienced coaches and leaders, we are confident that we can offer anyone a suitable, tailor-made package.

Are you interested in the expanded coaching capabilities or in an introductory meeting with the coaches of LiDRS? Contact us for more information.