Basic Leadership training

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Basic Leadership training

The Basic Leadership training is split up in four sessions, with a focus on the theory of good leadership, but with the primary goal to improve leadership.Interesting examples of the participants and the trainers provide a fun, interactive learning environment. As a member you will get full access to all functionalities of the LiDRS model, a copy of the book “Leading up down and across!” And you will receive a certificate of participation.


After the Basic Leadership training you will understand through training and experience why someone is accepted as a leader and will provide you with tools  to be an  effective leader.
The objectives of the BLT are:

  • Understanding the theory and practice of the LiDRS model
  • Gaining skills in the use of coaching tools as a leader
  • Understanding your own qualities as a leader
  • Management opportunities to inspire, motivate and persuade
  • A network of experienced leaders and trainers
  • A big step up in your development as a leadership trainer.

Additional information

The Basic Leadership Training consists of two entirely catered days, including extensive lunch and drinks. Each day runs from 9 am to 5:30 pm. For more information please contact info@lidrs.nl.


Basic Leadership training

If you are unable to attend, you can be replaced free of charge by a colleague. The cancellation fee up to 3 weeks in advance, is 15% of the participation fee. Canceling after this 3 weeks you pay the full fee.