LiDRS Practitioner Program

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LiDRS Practitioner Program

A six day  intensive program with inspirational coaches and experienced leaders. The trainers use their experience and the LiDRS model to provide insights into leadership.
Unique to the LiDRS Practitioner Program is the opportunity to not only develop your personal leadership, but also to support others to develop their leadership. After the LPP you will have knowledge about the practical training modules, a better understanding why someone is accepted as a leader and you will have many tools to be an effective leader to transfer these insights to others.


The LiDRS Practitioner Program aims to broaden your theoretical framework in order to improve your own leadership. Interesting examples the participants and the trainers provide a fun, interactive learning environment.
Various practical exercises can be experienced during the training, showing the effects of good or bad leadership. You will receive full access to all functionalities of the LiDRS model, a copy of the book “Leading up, down and across” and a certificate of participation.
The objectives of our LPP are:

  • Understanding the theory and practice of LiDRS model
  • Gaining skills in the use of coaching tools as a leader
  • Understanding your own qualities as a leader
  • Management opportunities to inspire, motivate and persuade
  • A network of experienced leaders and trainers
  • A big step up in your development as a leadership trainer.

Additional information

The LiDRS practitioner Program consists of six entirely catered days, including extensive lunch and drinks. Each day runs from 9 am to 5:30 pm: € 3999, – (ex VAT). Based on availability. Inhouse training is a possibility.


LiDRS Practitioner Program

If you are unable to attend, you can be replaced free of charge by a colleague. The cancellation fee up to 3 weeks in advance, is 15% of the participation fee. Canceling after this 3 weeks you pay the full fee.