Performance Improvement in High Reliability Organisations

Improve your business performance

LiDRS Consultancy is a full service consultancy agency focussing on High Reliability Organizations. For HRO Performance Improvement, you have to know the ropes. We do! We have extensive experience in (e.g.) the process industry, offshore industry, maritime industry, aviation industry, midstream services, up- and downstream services, diving industry, explosive ordnance disposal and healthcare services. We understand your concerns and challenges and we would be happy to be your sparring partner and see how we can improve your business performance.

LiDRS Consultancy

What do we do

With our experienced and international consultants, business leaders and trainers we aim for the best. We challenge your business and look for ways to improve results. Yes, we do improve managerial and leadership capacities. As emotional intelligent business leaders achieve 30% more business result (research) this is an aspect we’ll always take into account. We mentor, we train and improve your starting, midlevel and senior leaders. If necessary we can even take over temporarily.

In High Reliability Organizations we need top performing teams.  Are your teams qualified, performing well and do they understand what is takes to be ‘best in class’? We create the teams that you need. For the sustainability of your business and to deliver top class products and services for your customers.

Business is not just driven by great leaders and high performing teams. It starts with leadership and top teams, but needs efficient processes as well.  Especially in High Reliability Organizations. We have an Operational Excellence mindset and look for ways to improve your business processes. We aim for cost reductions, more efficiency and a ‘first time right’ mindset.

LiDRS Consultancy

How do we do it

To improve your leaders, managers and (operational) teams, we focus on all aspects of Crew Resource Management, Team Resource Management and our unique leadership programs. We put on our coverall, helmet and other safety equipment to ensure we understand your business, your work and challenges. We mentor, advice and instruct in order to increase skills, knowledge and attitude. We ensure individuals get better, but we aim for top performing teams.

We read your business processes, we model new processes, we examine your cost structure and look for ways to improve, enhance, streamline and optimize in order to get results. We document, review and above all, discuss all our plans, findings and possible improvements with you and your business partners. But it doesn’t stop on paper. We implement, we check and we ensure success.  What we promise, we deliver!

LiDRS Consultancy

What do we bring to the table

Our business leaders are highly experienced.  We have worked in multiple High Reliability Organizations. We’ve been from PNG to Nigeria and from Russia to Alaska. We’ve been in warzones, off shore, months at sea, on the bodem of the ocean and high up on oil rigs. We coach CEOs, advice business leaders, train managers and create top performing teams with our Crew Resource Management Trainings, performance improvement programs and  business knowledge. We understand process industry, we know what it’s like to work in shifts and we understand the meaning of a true crisis.

Here some examples of our recent projects:

  • Performance improvement and operational hub relocation (Onne and Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Cost reduction Programs (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  • Performance improvement in galvanizing industry (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Team performance improvement (Kabul, Afghanistan)
  • Operational excellence project (Port Moresby, PNG)
  • Cost reduction Programs (Sharjah, UAE)
  • Team Performance improvement (Montenegro)
  • Operational Performance and cost reduction program (Karachi, Pakistan)
  • Crew Resource Management (Schiphol, the Netherlands)

Let’s talk

Would you like to know more about our projects, our approach to business and performance improvement? Or are you just curious what we could do for you? Let’s have a chat!

Depending on your location, we either meet you at your office, happily invite you to our office or we set up a Skype meeting. Up to you, no strings attached!

Remember, we are in together! We promise performance improvement, we deliver performance improvement!

Drop us a line on: info@lidrs.nl or jochen@lidrs.nl

Give us a call on: +31 (0) 85 4018368 or mobile: +31 (0) 6 290 286 29

LiDRS Consultancy